We (the Attorney-General’s Department) provide this service (Citizen Space) and manage this website. Delib provides the technology behind this service and its operation.

Our information handling practices are outlined in our Privacy policy. It also outlines how individuals can access or correct their personal information or make a complaint about how we have handled their personal information.

How we handle your submission

Staff working on the project that you are contributing to will read your submission. These staff will decide whether to accept your submission and whether to publish it.

In the interests of informed public debate, we are committed to providing transparent processes and open access to information. For this reason we aim to publish submissions on our website where it is appropriate to do so.

However, we reserve the right to edit (for example, remove defamatory material or, where appropriate, de-identify personal or sensitive information), publish or not publish submissions on this website at our discretion.

Your submission is not automatically accepted and published. We may take several weeks to consider and process your submission.

If accepted, we will publish most submissions on our website with the name of the submitter. If your submission is published, the information in it (including your name) can be searched for on the internet.

You cannot withdraw or alter your submission once we have published it.

You can ask us to keep your submission private

If you want your submission to be kept confidential (and your name not to be published on our website), you should select this option when providing your response.

Only members of the relevant project team will read confidential submissions. They will not be published on this website.

We will not publish de-identified summaries of confidential submissions without the permission of the contributors. However, the substance of any submission might be communicated to the relevant minister/s. In most cases we are obliged to provide them with information about who provided the submission if it is requested.

Please note that any submission provided to us may be the subject of a request under the federal Freedom of Information Act 1982. Any request for access to or a copy of a confidential submission is determined in accordance with that Act, which has provisions designed to protect sensitive information given in confidence.

The Act includes various exemptions for documents such as: documents provided in confidence (e.g. confidential submissions) and personal information. Any FOI application that relates to personal information or confidential submissions will be processed in accordance with these exemptions.


Ownership of all submissions we receive remains vested with the respective author(s) of the submission.

However, in making a submission to our department, you grant us a permanent, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to use, reproduce, publish, adapt, perform or communicate to the public your submission on this website. This includes converting your submission into a different format to that submitted in order to meet relevant accessibility requirements.

To the extent that your submission contains material that is owned by a third party, you warrant that you have obtained all necessary licences and consents required for the use of those materials (including for us to use, reproduce, publish, perform or communicate to the public), and have made arrangements for the payment of any royalties or other fees payable for the use of such material.

Delib's privacy policy explains how Delib will collect, safeguard and process your data on behalf of Attorney-General's Department.