Open Government Partnership Phase 2

Closed 22 Nov 2023

Opened 9 Nov 2023

Feedback updated 15 Dec 2023

We asked

Australia’s Open Government Forum is developing Australia’s third National Action Plan (NAP3) in consultation with civil society and government. The NAP3 will outline commitments by the Australian Government to activities that promote transparency, accountability and collaboration between the government, civil society and the business community.

The Open Government Forum agreed on a co-creation process in June 2023. This process outlined 2 phases of public consultation. We undertook Phase 2 public consultation through an online survey from 9 November 2023 – 22 November 2023.

The forum established 8 commitments for inclusion in in Australia’s third National Action Plan. Phase 2 consultation focused on these commitments:

  • Commitment 1: Automated decision-making and responsible use of artificial intelligence
  • Commitment 2: Youth Advisory Groups
  • Commitment 3: Commonwealth Integrity Strategy
  • Commitment 4: Beneficial ownership reform
  • Commitment 5: Integrity and accountability in procurement and grants
  • Commitment 6: Commonwealth whistleblower protections
  • Commitment 7: Transparent political donations and truth in political advertising
  • Commitment 8: Combatting misinformation in non-English-speaking communities

You said

We received 10 responses to this consultation. The submissions came from a range of stakeholders, including businesses, not-for-profit groups and individuals.

The responses included helpful suggestions to support the implementation of commitments for Australia’s next National Action Plan.

All respondents identified which commitments they felt were of the highest importance, and provided valuable insight on how each commitment might be successfully implemented.

We thank everyone who took the time to engage with us and provide their feedback.

We did

Analysis and summary of the responses was provided to all forum members and included in the meeting papers for the fifth forum meeting on 4 December 2023. There was clear alignment between most of the responses and the commitments the forum chose.

The consultation responses will be used to inform the development and implementation of the commitments in the NAP3. Read the consultation analysis report and further updates on the progress of NAP3 at the Australia’s Open Government Partnership site. The forum consulted on the co-creation process and the working group themes during Phase 1 consultation.

Published responses

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The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.

The OGP agenda extends to a variety of issues. These include:

  • digital transformation
  • the use of artificial intelligence
  • promoting disclosure of interests and conflicts
  • freedom of information
  • public ethics
  • anti-corruption
  • service delivery
  • budgetary efficiency
  • public safety
  • corporate accountability.

Why we are consulting

The Australian Government has delivered 2 National Action Plans (from 2016 to 2020), and now the Open Government Forum (the forum) is working on the third National Action Plan (NAP3). The NAP3 will set out commitments by the Australian Government to activities that promote transparency, accountability and collaboration between the government, civil society and the business community.

The plan is being developed in consultation with civil society and government to promote good governance, clear and transparent decision-making, and policies that improve service delivery and foster trust. Public consultation is a key tenet of the Open Government Partnership. There are 2 phases of public consultation to help Australia develop the NAP3.

  • Phase 1. Conducted in August and September 2023. It helped the forum prioritise potential commitments.
  • Phase 2. This consultation focusses on the 8 draft commitments that have been agreed upon by the forum. Your responses will help the forum and secretariat shape how these commitments are represented in the final NAP.


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  • Legislation
  • Corporate
  • Privacy
  • Corruption