Administrative Review Reform Short Survey

Closed 12 May 2023

Opened 3 Apr 2023


On 16 December 2022, the Government announced reform to Australia’s system of administrative review. This reform will abolish the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and establish a new federal administrative review body. The reform will also include a transparent, merit-based system of appointments.

We have released an Issues Paper seeking views on the development of a new federal administrative review body.

The survey below will take about 15 minutes and invites feedback from members of the public and AAT users on key aspects of the new administrative review body.

If preferred, or if you are responding on behalf of an organisation, you can make a detailed submission in response to the Issues Paper.

The consultation process considers matters relating to the design of the new federal administrative review body, including its purpose, structure, membership, powers and procedures. It does not consider the conduct or outcome of any specific matter before the AAT.

Consultation closed on 12 May 2023. Extensions will not be granted.

Why we are consulting

We are consulting with members of the public and users of the AAT to understand what the government should consider when developing legislation for the new federal administrative review body.

Who we want to hear from

We want to hear from a wide range of members of the public, including users of the current AAT.

Publishing responses

You can submit your response under your name or anonymously.

We will publish aggregate information from the survey (e.g. "Thirty-six per cent of respondents reported they were AAT users"). No individual submissions will be made public.

Submissions may be subject to freedom of information requests, or requests from the Parliament. Personal information shared through the consultation process will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. For more information on how we collect, store and use personal information, visit our Privacy Policy.


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