Electronic Transaction Act Consultation

Closes 20 Mar 2023


The Electronic Transactions Act

Every day, there are hundreds of situations where you might need to enter an agreement, send or receive written documents or information, or store a written record.

For example:

  • a government department might require you to send them written information for an important application
  • an industry law might require you to store receipts or payment information for 5 or more years
  • you might need to sign a contract before receiving goods or services.

Over the past several decades, people have found that these types of ‘transactions’ can be efficiently executed using electronic tools – like email, computer storage, or e-signing platforms.

Until 1999, it wasn’t clear in Australian law whether electronic transactions were as legally valid as paper transactions. The Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth) (ETA) was enacted to make clear in law that electronic transactions are legally valid when used to comply with Commonwealth laws – so long as certain technical requirements are met. There are some transactions (like signing a cheque) that cannot be created electronically. Where these transactions are identified, they are excluded from the ETA's application.

Australian states and territories have also enacted their own electronic transactions regulatory frameworks – which provide duplicate provisions to the ETA that apply to transactions under state and territory laws.

This national framework gives the community an option to use electronic tools when dealing with government agencies or when transacting privately, and sets the standards needed for current and future technologies.

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