Online Privacy Bill Exposure Draft

Closed 6 Dec 2021

Opened 25 Oct 2021

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We have now published submissions for this consultation.

The Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and Other Measures) Bill 2021 (the Online Privacy Bill) will give effect to the Australian Government's commitment to strengthen the Privacy Act 1988. It enables the introduction of a binding online privacy code for social media and certain other online platforms, and increases penalties and enforcement measures.

Submissions on the Online Privacy Bill and consultation Regulation Impact Statement closed on 6 December 2021.

We will use the submissions and feedback received to shape the development of the Online Privacy Bill before it is introduced to Parliament.

Interaction with the Review of the Privacy Act

This consultation is being held at the same time as the Privacy Act Review. The Online Privacy Bill addresses the pressing privacy challenges posed by social media and other online platforms. The Privacy Act Review seeks to build on the outcomes of the Online Privacy Bill to ensure that Australia's privacy law framework empowers consumers, protects their data and best serves the whole of the Australian economy.

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