Royal Commissions Protections Review

Closes 26 Jan 2022

Opened 30 Nov 2021


Review of confidentiality protections for people engaging with royal commissions

We are conducting a review of the Royal Commissions Act 1902 (Cth) to examine any issues or impediments to people coming forward and sharing sensitive information with a royal commission.

We have developed this consultation to enable members of the public to provide feedback on their experiences with a royal commission to help inform this review.

Discussion questions

You may wish to consider the following questions when providing your feedback:

  • Are you satisfied with the options available for providing sensitive information to royal commissions? Are there other ways of providing information that you would like to be able to use?
  • What are some concerns or barriers that would make you or someone you know reluctant to provide sensitive information to a royal commission?
  • Do you have any examples of a person having experienced negative consequences from engaging with a royal commission? This could be in the form of receiving different treatment from care providers, family, friends, or employers.
  • Where you, or a person you know, have been willing to share sensitive information with a royal commission, what has worked to reassure you/them that you/they can tell your/their story?
  • Do you feel the law does enough to protect people's identities when they have given confidential information to a royal commission? What other legal protections would you like to see?
  • The Australian Government recently changed the law to give greater protections to people providing sensitive information to the Disability Royal Commission. Since the government changed the law, have you or someone you know been more willing to share sensitive information with the Disability Royal Commission? This may include written feedback, attending public hearings, or participating in private sessions.
  • What do you think would make you or someone you know more likely to provide sensitive information to a royal commission? This may include changes to the law, policies, or other initiatives.

Provide your feedback

Feedback closes at 11:59pm on Wednesday 26 January 2022.
This is so we can complete our review by February 2022.

We have provided different options for you to provide your feedback.


Make a submission online by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


Scan the completed hardcopy submission form [PDF] and email it to


Print and complete a hardcopy submission form [PDF] and send it to:

Royal Commissions Protections Review Team
Royal Commissions Branch
Attorney‑General's Department
3–5 National Circuit


To discuss other options for providing your feedback call 02 6141 2077 and leave a message.

Use of your information

Any submissions or feedback provided will be treated confidentially. We will only publish information provided to us if you indicate that we may do so, and we will ensure we de‑identify any information provided that is used in our report.

We will also accept anonymous submissions if you prefer to provide feedback in that way. If you have any concerns about certain parts of your submission being made public, email us at

This consultation process only seeks input to inform the review of the Act. We will not use submissions for any other purpose. We will not provide them to the Disability Royal Commission or the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide. To engage with, or provide information to either of these royal commissions, visit their websites directly:

Contact and support

For information on the review or assistance in providing a submission you can:

The Australian Government is funding free and independent support services for people engaging with or affected by the Disability Royal Commission. Find out more on the Department of Social Services website.

The Department of Veterans' Affairs website provides information and support to those who serve or have served in defence of our nation, and their families.

The National Counselling and Referral Service provided by Blue Knot Foundation has been established to support people affected by the Disability Royal Commission: 1800 421 468.

Terms of reference

Read the terms of reference for the review.

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