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  • Copyright Enforcement Review

    Copyright, as a type of property founded on a person's creative skill and labour, protects the original form or way an idea or information is expressed (but not the idea or information itself). Some common forms of copyright material include: writing movies and TV shows visual art and images music video games. Copyright underpins the vibrancy and value of Australia’s creative industries and supports innovation across many other sectors of the economy. A... More
    Closed 7 March 2023
  • Targeted Review of Divisions 270 and 271 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth)

    The Australian Government is carrying out a targeted review of modern slavery offences in Divisions 270 and 271 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) (the Criminal Code). This initiative recognises strong criminal justice responses are important to combat modern slavery, ensuring Australia's justice frameworks continue to support effective disruption, investigation and prosecution outcomes. This targeted review supports the government's commitment to strengthen modern slavery responses at... More
    Closed 7 March 2023
  • Family Law Amendment Bill 2023

    The Australian Government wants to make sure the best interests of children are prioritised and placed at the centre of the family law system. The release of the draft Family Law Amendment Bill 2023 (the exposure draft) is an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on the proposed amendments that aim to achieve this outcome. The Bill will primarily amend the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) (Family Law Act), with some consequential amendments to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of... More
    Closed 27 February 2023
  • Scoping the Establishment of a Federal Judicial Commission

    The Australian Government is considering the merits and design of a federal judicial commission that could independently examine and deal with complaints made to it about federal judges. This scoping work was announced by the Attorney-General, the Hon Mark Dreyfus KC MP, on 25 October 2022 in the context of the 2022-23 Budget. On 29 September 2022, the Government published its response to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s (ALRC) 2021 report, Without Fear or Favour: Judicial... More
    Closed 21 February 2023
  • Review of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act 2018

    The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) commenced on 1 January 2019 and complements Australia’s comprehensive criminal justice response to modern slavery. The Act was established through extensive consultations with the Australian business community and civil society. Under the Act, large businesses and other entities operating in Australia must report annually on how they are addressing modern slavery risks in their domestic and global operations and supply chains. The Australian... More
    Closed 22 November 2022
  • Consultation Draft – National Principles to Address Coercive Control

    You can contribute to a shared national understanding of coercive control by providing your feedback on the Consultation Draft of the National Principles to Address Coercive Control using the survey link below. Safety information This consultation is about family and domestic violence, including coercive control. If you think someone may be checking the websites you visit or using technology in other ways to monitor you, you may wish to find out how you can browse more safely ... More
    Closed 11 November 2022
  • Federal Court of Australia Amendment (Extending Criminal Jurisdiction and Other Measures) Bill

    The Federal Court of Australia Amendment (Extending Criminal Jurisdiction and Other Measures) Bill (the Bill) supports the expansion of the Federal Court of Australia's (Federal Court's) jurisdiction in relation to corporate crime. Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Bill confers jurisdiction on the Federal Court to hear a range of indictable and summary corporate crime offences within the regulatory remit of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. These amendments would enhance... More
    Closed 31 October 2022
  • New family dispute resolution services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

    The Australian Government’s first Implementation Plan under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap included an announcement to provide funding for culturally safe and appropriate family dispute resolution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. Family dispute resolution (FDR) is a type of mediation delivered under the Family Law Act 1975 to help separated or separating families formulate their own agreements about parenting and property matters. It is done with the... More
    Closed 8 April 2022
  • Respect@Work – consultation on remaining legislative recommendations

    View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response. In 2018, the Government commissioned the National Inquiry into Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces, conducted by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins. The product of this inquiry – the Respect@Work: Sexual Harassment National Inquiry Report (2020) (Respect@Work Report) – found that sexual harassment is a pervasive and widespread issue in Australian workplaces. The Respect@Work Report... More
    Closed 18 March 2022
  • Possible reforms to the Bankruptcy system

    We have now published submissions for this consultation. In January 2021, the Australian Government undertook public consultation on possible changes to the bankruptcy system, to inform its ongoing response to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this consultation, the government met with key stakeholders and sought public submissions on topics raised in a discussion paper. The discussion paper provided an overview of 4 elements of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 to... More
    Closed 25 February 2022
  • Royal Commissions Protections Review

    Review of confidentiality protections for people engaging with royal commissions We have conducted a review of the Royal Commissions Act 1902 (Cth) to examine any issues or impediments to people coming forward and sharing sensitive information with a royal commission. We developed this consultation to enable members of the public to provide feedback on their experiences with a royal commission to help inform this review. Discussion questions We suggested considering the... More
    Closed 26 January 2022
  • Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill

    The Australian Government is committed to keeping Australians safe from online harm, including the harmful impacts of defamatory online comments posted anonymously. On 1 December 2021, the Australian Government released an exposure draft of the Social Media (Anti-Trolling) Bill 2021, together with explanatory materials outlining the features of the legislation. Consultation on the Bill, including written submissions and survey responses provided through this portal, closed on Friday... More
    Closed 21 January 2022
  • Privacy Act Review – Discussion paper

    As part of our review of the Privacy Act 1988, this discussion paper considered feedback on the Issues Paper and seeks further feedback on potential changes to the Act. The Discussion Paper covered a broad range of topics, including: the scope and application of the Act the protections contained in the Australian Privacy Principles how the Act is regulated and enforced. Submissions on the Discussion Paper closed on 10 January 2022. Submissions and feedback... More
    Closed 10 January 2022
  • Improving the competency and accountability of family report writers

    We have now published submissions for this consultation. Family report writers play an essential role in family law parenting matters before the family law courts. Family report writers are primarily from the professions of social work, psychology or psychiatry. They prepare reports that provide information and recommendations about parenting arrangements following separation that are in the best interests of the child or children. They also play an important role in... More
    Closed 17 December 2021
  • Online Privacy Bill Exposure Draft

    We have now published submissions for this consultation. On 25 October 2021, the Attorney-General's Department released a consultation exposure draft of the Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and Other Measures) Bill 2021 (the Online Privacy Bill), and a consultation Regulation Impact Statement. Submissions on the Online Privacy Bill and consultation Regulation Impact Statement closed on 6 December 2021. The Online Privacy Bill was not introduced to Parliament.... More
    Closed 6 December 2021
  • 2021-22 Review of the Legislation Act 2003

    Submissions for this review have now been published. As part of the review of the Legislation Act 2003 , this discussion paper was designed to assist stakeholders to provide feedback and submissions to the review by providing background information and posing questions. The Review Committee invited you to make a submission in response to any or all of the issues and questions in the Discussion Paper or any other matter relevant to the review's Terms of Reference. Submissions... More
    Closed 18 November 2021
  • Children’s Contact Services – Methodology to select locations for additional services

    We currently fund 64 Children's Contact Services (CCS) across Australia for families who are unable to safely manage arrangements for the contact and changeover of their children. In the May 2021 Budget, the Australian Government announced that it would increase funding for CCS, including funding to establish 20 additional CCS across Australia. We have developed a methodology to estimate demand for new CCS by Statistical Level Area Level 4 (SA4). We sought feedback on the draft... More
    Closed 16 November 2021
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